Volunteer Services has a team of more than 250 men, women, and teens, ranging in age from 16 to over 90. They serve more than 25 departments within the hospital and also in the community, raising money for Marin General Hospital and donating handmade hats and blankets for our newborns. Volunteer services operates two retail shops in the hospital, and all proceeds benefit patient care and scholarships to employees and volunteers. The Gift Gallery in the West Lobby, and the BabyNook on 4 Central/Maternity. 

Patient Programs Offered by Volunteer Services

  • Acts of Kindness: Nurses and support staff can request complimentary items, such as balloons, flowers, paperback books, reading glasses and nail clippers from the Gift Gallery for patients.
  • Clothes Closet: New sweats, underwear and shoes are provided by Volunteer Services for patients who need clothing at the time of discharge. The Clothes Closet is located on 5 East. Clothing and incidentals are also provided for Behavioral Health patients on 2 East.
  • Dog Therapy: Marin Guide Dogs for the Blind certifies dogs to work in patient areas. Our therapy dogs visit patients throughout the hospital, Monday - Friday. 
  • Coloring Books & Crayons/Teddy Bears: We stock the ED and Surgery Center (ASC) for our very young patients and their siblings.
  • Children’s Magazines: National Geographic for Kids and Highlights magazines are provided in the ED waiting room at the children’s table.
  • Flower & Mail Delivery: Volunteers check in flowers from florists, deliver flowers and mail and packages to patients.
  • Heart Pillows: Provided for thoracic support for patients following heart surgery.
  • Hospitality Cart: Provides coffee, tea and cookies to staff and patients and the Marin IJ newspaper to patients each morning. Newspapers are also distributed to waiting areas daily.
  • Maternity Tours: Docent volunteers offer tours of the Maternity Unit to expecting parents on the 2nd Saturday of each month.
  • Mended Hearts: Volunteers visit cardiac patients to provide support.
  • Patient Email: Family and friends can email in-patients. These emails are printed and delivered to patients by volunteers in “You’ve Got Mail” Envelopes.
  • SMILE Cart: Students Making Illness a Little Easier. Our teen volunteers visit patients with our SMILE Cart filled with complimentary items such as: Sudoku, word find and crossword puzzle books, playing cards, notebooks, pens & pencils, lip balm, hand cream, emery boards, magazines and video lists. Our teens also offer their assistance with freshening flowers, offering warm blankets and conversation.