Our operating room is now equipped with the latest platform in robotic surgery. The robot is a tool that must be wielded by an expert surgeon; it does not operate by itself any more than a scalpel does. Specifically designed for minimally invasive procedures, the da Vinci® SI surgical platform consists of four essential components:

  • An ergonomic surgeon’s console, from which the surgeon controls the robotic arms and small wristed instruments used to perform the procedure. The da Vinci® SI console features an intuitive motion interface, which emulates the look and feel of traditional open surgery.
  • A high-definition, 3D vision system which allows robotic surgery specialists to see tiny anatomical details and operate with unmatched specificity
  • A patient-side cart with four interactive robotic arms. Depending on the type of surgery, different specialized EndoWrist® instruments are attached to the end of the robotic arms.
  • EndoWrist® instruments – Designed for various surgical purposes, these miniaturized instruments have the circular mobility of the human wrist.

The da Vinci® System also incorporates multiple safety features designed to minimize risks associated with both machine and human error.

How robotic surgery works

Using the da Vinci® Surgical System for complex, delicate, minimally invasive procedures provides our robotic surgery specialists with the following advantages:

  • Superior vision (10X magnification)
  • Enhanced dexterity
  • Greater precision
  • Ergonomic comfort during surgery

During a da Vinci® robotic surgery, the surgeon operates remotely from behind a console beside the operating room table. The procedure begins with the assistance of a specialized surgical team stationed at the patient’s bedside. First, a surgeon manually makes several small incisions, through which the surgical team then inserts the robotic arms. Three of the robotic arms are equipped with small surgical instruments. The remaining robot arm has a high-definition, 3D endoscopic camera inside it, continuously transmitting real-time magnified, high-definition images to the vision system screen in the surgical console. The da Vinci® SI seamlessly and precisely translates the surgeon’s natural hand, wrist, and finger movements from controls at the computer console to the robotic surgical instruments inside the patient’s body, allowing for exceptionally precise procedures.