Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure that allows physicians to examine the inside of a hollow body organ. The endoscope itself is a long, thin tube with a light and a tiny camera that broadcasts images of the inside of a patient’s body onto a screen. The entire endoscopy is filmed so doctors can refer to it for diagnostic purposes.

The Endoscopy Suites
We serve a large number of people at Marin General Hospital and are proud to offer two state-of-the-art endoscopy suites to handle our community’s growing needs. Patients undergoing endoscopic testing are prepped in the hospital’s ambulatory surgery department, transported to the endoscopy suites for their procedure, and then returned to ambulatory surgery for recovery. Our advanced equipment and technologies include the following:

  • The High-Definition Olympus 190 series with narrow band imaging
  • A state of the art, high definition esophageal manometry system and 24-hour pH/impedance monitoring catheters enabling our physicians to evaluate swallowing problems and both acid and non-acid reflux
  • A brand new scope reprocessor that eliminates any risk of infection transmission
  • Leading-edge software that allows the physician to drop photos in the endoscopy report in real time, as the procedure is being performed

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The Endoscopy Team
Our expert endoscopy team includes fellowship-trained gastroenterologists and anesthesiologists, specially trained and certified technicians, and a team of three ACLS-certified nurses with 40 years of combined experience.