Marin General Hospital has been meeting our community’s healthcare needs since 1952 as an award winning, full-service, not for profit hospital. Our mission — and our pride — is providing the people of Marin with the healing care they want and deserve.

We offer advanced medical expertise, technology, and treatments in an exceptionally healing environment. We also give our patients the opportunity to complement their medical treatment with integrative therapies at our Center for Integrative Health & Wellness.

We have become a magnet for some of the best physicians in the nation, many of them leaders in their field. The fact that we are a small, independent hospital gives doctors the opportunity to spend more time with their patients and take a more personalized approach to care. Our medical teams deliver award-winning services, much appreciated by patients and their families, and ranked us among the best by independent health organizations.

Patient-Centered Care

Many Marin County residents choose to live here because they appreciate the healthy lifestyle and transformative natural environment. Our philosophy of care is very much in tune with these values. We are dedicated to treating the whole patient — mind, body and spirit, and our patient-centric approach to care focuses on each patient’s needs, goals, and satisfaction.

Caring for our Caregivers

In order to have the capacity to heal others, our team must have the time and energy for self care. Otherwise, the demands of the job can lead to stress, compassion fatigue, and even burnout. To prevent this, we have engaged in a cultural transformation philosophy called Relationship-Based Care, or RBC. Adopted by hundreds of institutions throughout the country, RBC has been shown to enhance safety, quality, patient satisfaction and staff satisfaction by improving relationships across every level of an organization. RBC is built on three key components:

  • Care of Self is all about developing and maintaining resiliency
  • Care of Colleagues fosters team work and mutual support
  • Care of Patients and Family strengthens our commitment to the people we serve

RBC incorporates best practices from hundreds of hospitals over the last 30 years, and has resulted in measurable improvement in institutions throughout the U.S. It works by:

  • Empowering and motivating staff
  • Fostering an atmosphere of compassion and mutual respect
  • Transforming the way care is delivered at every level of an organization

RBC has been shown to enhance safety, quality, patient satisfaction and staff satisfaction by improving relationships across every level of an organization. 

MGH 2.0 - Building Our New Hospital

Backed by the support of the citizens of Marin County, we are undertaking the construction of an advanced, seismically safe new hospital that will provide an unparalleled healing environment for both patients and staff. See what the new building looks like now by watching the video below, or visit the MGH 2.0 website to learn more about the new hospital!

Our Mission

To provide exceptional healthcare services in a compassionate and healing environment.

Our Vision

To exceed each community member's highest expectations for quality healthcare.