Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Braden Diabetes Center is to educate and empower you to travel well through life with diabetes. Living with diabetes can be an ongoing challenge, but we know that with the right education and support, you can move past any obstacles that come your way.

Our Program

Our Certified Diabetes Educators assess your history, condition, lifestyle, and overall health goals. Then, we provide comprehensive educational resources to help you learn vital self-management skills. Our curriculum is based on clinical best practices to guide you on your journey.

Our Story

The Braden Diabetes Center was founded based on a need for comprehensive diabetes care. Today, our leadership continues to monitor community needs in order to create new programs and services. Click here to read more.

Our Expert Team – Your Diabetes Guides

The Director of the Braden Diabetes Center is a board-certified endocrinologist specializing in diabetology. Certified diabetes educators lead our customized, interactive programs, workshops, and classes. This seasoned team will help map out the best self-care strategies based on your specific needs and personal goals. We will coordinate with your primary care physician and other providers to incorporate diabetes education and training into your care. Keeping everyone informed and in the loop is the best way to ensure that you receive the best possible guidance as you travel through life with diabetes. Meet our team!


In the past several years, research has led to monumental advancements in our understanding of the pathophysiology of diabetes, the principles of disease management, the physical and emotional impact of the disease, and the factors that influence the development of diabetes-related complications. We are always seeking new candidates to participate in clinical trials. Participation in research studies contributes scientifically to the community at large and is an opportunity to help other people with diabetes. Please view the websites below for current research studies within our Marin community: