Urology is medical specialty that focuses on medical and surgical diseases of the urinary tract, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra in both genders, as well as the male reproductive system and genitalia. Urology also includes a subspecialty known as female pelvic medicine (urogynecology) that deals with female incontinence and pelvic prolapse.

A Broad Spectrum of Care

Marin General Hospital offers a full range of urological care for both genders, as well as a special expertise in pediatric urology. Our specialties include:

Our urologists are committed to staying at the head of their field, and Marin General Hospital offers a number of procedures that are not available elsewhere in Marin and hard to find in the Bay Area, such as bladder re-sectioning or replacement surgeries, sacroneuromodulation (a non-surgical treatment for urinary and fecal incontinence in women), and microsurgical varicocelectomy surgery for adolescent boys and men. The level of care we offer and the sophisticated procedures we perform are on a par with what one might expect from an academic center, and it’s all available right here in Marin. 

Our Team

Our team includes outstanding urologists with subspecialty expertise, seasoned urology nurses, specially trained technicians, and physical therapists. But what is most remarkable about urology at Marin General Hospital is how seamlessly our urologists work with the other specialists who share in caring for their patients, including interventional radiologists, nephrologists, radiologists, and anesthesiologists. This collaborative approach benefits our patients as well as our team.

  • Urologists and other members of the care team meet monthly for a multidisciplinary tumor board to discuss treatment plans for our urological cancer patients.
  • We set up individual patient conferences in which urological cancer patients have the opportunity to meet all the physicians who will be collaborating on their treatment plan, ask questions, and discuss any questions.