Surgery isn’t what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. When Marin General Hospital first opened its doors, most surgeries were open (invasive) and required general anesthesia and a hospital stay. As Marin’s ONLY designated Trauma Center, we still perform many open surgeries. In fact, we always keep a room available and a dedicated surgical team on call, 24/7, for emergency trauma surgery. We also do open surgeries, as appropriate, for cancer and for certain spine, brain, heart, or vascular conditions.

Today, thanks to technological advances like laparoscopy, computer guidance, interventional radiology, and the da Vinci® robotic surgical system, many procedures that used to require open surgery can be performed minimally invasively. That means less anesthesia, smaller incisions, and less bleeding. Post-surgical pain is reduced and easier to manage, and patients usually go home the same day.

The Right Place for Your Procedure

Whether a patient needs open or minimally invasive surgery, Marin General Hospital does an excellent job. We have low infection rates, and excellent outcomes and quality ratings. Our innovative Pre-operative Anemia Clinic provides intravenous iron therapy to help reduce the risk of blood transfusions in at-risk patients. Our surgeons are masters in their respective fields and are always on the look-out for innovative procedures that can benefit their patients. We have specialists in every area of surgery, and are staffed and equipped to perform a full range of procedures, including:

  • Skin-sparing mastectomies and masterful reconstructive surgeries using plastic surgery techniques (oncoplastics)
  • Sophisticated spine and brain surgeries, including complex corrective surgeries for scoliosis, kyphoplasty for spine fractures and osteoporosis damage, surgery to remove skull and brain tumors, and emergency surgery for bleeding in the brain and other brain injuries
  • Patient-specific knee replacements, using computer imaging to custom-fit the prosthetic knee as well as partial knee replacements; shoulder replacement using the revolutionary Zimmer Anatomical Shoulder™ System; our surgeons perform both posterior and anterior hip replacements using the innovative Uni joint prosthesis; learn more about orthopedic surgery
  • da Vinci® robotic surgeries for gynecological and urological conditions, laparoscopic hysterectomies, and prostatectomies
  • Laparoscopy for kidney cancer and the creation of a "neobladder" using the patient’s own intestinal tissue for bladder cancer patients
  • Colonoscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and other routinely performed endoscopic procedures
  • Hybrid vascular surgeries that combine open surgery and catheter-based interventions

If a patient has just had a complex procedure, or needs to go on a ventilator, we have a fully equipped ICU providing specialized care for patients recovering from open-heart surgery, trauma or neurosurgical patients, and patients experiencing multi-organ system failure.

The Cutting Edge of Technology

In order to bring the latest surgical techniques to the people of Marin, it’s essential that we keep up with medical innovation. Below are a few examples of our leading-edge technologies:

  • Real-time intraoperative neuromonitoring and fluoroscopy x-ray imaging during surgery
  • Transesophageal echo imaging to closely monitor the heart during heart surgery, on ALL heart surgery patients
  • Our new, fully-equipped, dedicated heart surgery room with an operating room that’s specially designed for heart procedures
  • The da Vinci® robotic surgical platform
  • The new hana® table, for anterior hip replacements
  • Innovative prostheses and implants for joint replacements, back surgery, and heart and vascular conditions
  • The Aquamantys® System to seal blood vessels in soft tissue and bone during joint replacement surgery, helping to prevent blood loss, pain, and swelling, and reducing the number of patients requiring transfusion

Our Team

Our staff’s warm, caring approach is reassuring to both adult and pediatric patients. All our surgeons are highly specialized, and trained at some of the finest medical schools and teaching hospitals in the nation. We have expert anesthesiologists, including two that are dedicated to heart surgeries and specially trained in transesophageal echo technology. Our team includes CNOR-certified, specialized nurses for every area of surgery, and our recovery area is staffed with a seasoned PACU post-anesthesia care unit. We also have excellent technologists in anesthesia, endoscopy, and other specialized areas.

The Surgery Center

Our Surgery Center, located on the second and third floors of Marin General Hospital's East Wing, was designed to keep pace with the evolution of surgery—and with our patients’ changing needs. The Surgery Center serves patients having minimally invasive, non-emergency surgeries and elective procedures. The pleasant surroundings, advance registration process and high level of individual attention from our staff help to reduce the stress often associated with surgery. The center has two endoscopy suites and eight operating rooms. (Our other three operating rooms, including the specialized Heart Room, are dedicated for open surgery and located on the ground floor.) Most patients arrive in the morning and return home by late afternoon.