At Marin General Hospital, our Physical Therapy program is offered to both inpatients and outpatients. Our therapists thoroughly evaluate and help patients improve or even fully restore their mobility, physical therapy often provides an alternative to surgery or pain medication. Physical therapy can help improve quality of life in a variety of ways:

  • Helping people recover from accidents or surgery
  • Helping people heal from the effects of cancer-related surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation
  • Teaching people about their disease, how to minimize the effects, and improve their function
  • Teaching people how to maximize their strength, range of motion, and progress in exercise routines
  • Improving balance and coordination in the elderly to prevent falls
  • Identifying and treating dizziness and vestibular problems

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are health care professionals who specialize in treating conditions that limit the body’s ability to move and function. They are required to receive a master's degree or clinical doctorate from an accredited physical therapist program before taking the state licensure examination that allows them to practice. Marin General Hospital has an experienced and compassionate team of physical therapists who work closely with our doctors. With a physician referral, our patients receive general mobility strengthening from a licensed physical therapist. We provide therapeutic interventions, education, health promotion, and instruction in home exercise programs.

Our Services

Our therapists utilize a broad range of therapies, depending on the patient’s condition, physical limitations, and general health and fitness level. We specialize in the following:

  • Rehabilitation from traumatic injuries, joint replacements and spinal surgery
  • Treatment aiding stroke recovery, head injuries and other neurological diseases and conditions.
  • Cancer recovery, lymphedema management, post-surgical breast health
  • Vestibular, balance, and gait dysfunctions
  • Pediatric physical therapy
  • Manual therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization
  • Core stabilization and body mechanics training
  • Scoliosis management
  • Caregiver training for transfers, bed mobility, gait, or exercise assistance
  • Aftercare for breast reconstruction, scar tissue, and pain management
  • Vestibular accommodation and re-training, gait and balance strategies
  • Lymphedema consultation and complete decongestive therapy
  • Home exercise programs
  • Exercise and conditioning for cancer-related weakness
  • Pediatric orthopedic rehabilitation and family instruction