Our Emergency Department: A Vital Community Resource

Our Emergency Department (ED) offers a comprehensive range of services, including many that are simply unavailable anywhere else in the county. Local residents look to us for all kinds of emergency care, from minor injuries and illnesses to lifesaving intervention for major injuries, heart attack, and stroke.

(Listen to Jonathan Snyder share his story about his life-saving experience at Marin General Hospital)


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Emergency Checklist.

Marin General Hospital is a Level III Trauma Center, with added neurological capabilities that allow us to perform emergency surgery for traumatic injuries of the spine and brain. We treat patients 24-hours a day, seven days a week. A complete team of board certified emergency physicians and other specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, emergency technicians, and other specially trained staff is available at all times. We offer several exclusive services to Marin County:

  • ONLY Designated Trauma Center
    Our experienced, multidisciplinary team specializes in providing state-of-the-art trauma care to Marin County residents.
  • ONLY Certified Primary Stroke Center that can treat ALL types of stroke on site
    If stroke strikes, every second counts. We are the only hospital in Marin that can treat all types of stroke—ischemic as well as both types of hemorrhagic stroke (intracerebral and subarachnoid). 
  • ONLY Spine & Brain Institute
    We offer comprehensive neurological care and orthopedic spine surgery, including elective procedures and surgery to treat traumatic injury. While we are already a designated Level III Trauma Center, the fact that we offer emergency neurosurgery, 24/7, means our capabilities actually exceed this level.

"Ouchless" ED

Anyone who’s been to the Emergency Room knows it can be a scary, anxiety-filled experience – so it’s not difficult to imagine how much more terrifying it can be for a child. That’s why we have introduced an “ouchless” approach in our Emergency Department. As an “Ouchless” ED, Marin General Hospital’s Emergency Team incorporates child-friendly protocols that help take the anxiety and pain out of visits. Click here to learn more!

Special Recognition

The Emergency Department at Marin General Hospital has received awards and has been recognized for outstanding achievements by the following organizations:

Lantern Award (2018-2021)
Emergency Nurses Association
Our Emergency Department was just one of 19 hospitals nationwide to receive the Emergency Nurses Association’s 2018 Lantern Award for demonstrating exceptional and innovative performance in leadership, practice, education, advocacy and research. The ENA Lantern Award showcases Marin General Hospital’s emergency department’s accomplishments in incorporating evidence-based practice and innovation into emergency care. The award also serves as a visible symbol of its commitment to quality, safety and a healthy work environment.


Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics
Marin County Emergency Medical Services Agency
Our Emergency Department has earned the esteemed designation of an Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP) from Marin County Emergency Medical Services Agency. This designation is the result of a two-year effort to optimize emergency care to better meet the needs of children and their families in the Marin community.

Safety Tips & Injury Prevention

At Marin General Hospital, we know most injuries do not happen by accident. Many injuries happen in predictable ways, which means they can be prevented. We know car seats and seat belts keep us safe on the road, helmets protect our heads from bicycle injuries, and exercise programs can help prevent falls in older adults. Our Trauma Center has published a few general injury prevention tips and strategies to help keep you out of our Emergency Department. Click here to learn more!