Working in a community hospital-based program makes our clinical team uniquely qualified to provide treatment for patients who have a medical condition in addition to their mental illness.

Our adult inpatient program is located in a 17-bed, secured acute care unit with common dining area and day activity rooms. Because socialization is an important part of treatment, most rooms accommodate one to three patients. Ours is the only secured inpatient program for adults in Marin County.

Individualized care and treatment for adults and seniors who have psychiatric problems begins with a thorough assessment by our clinical team. Patients participate in a comprehensive treatment program tailored to their specific needs. Our treatment goal is to help each person advance to the least intensive level of care and achieve the greatest level of independence.

Key Program Components:

    • Multidisciplinary assessment
    • Individualized treatment and discharge planning
    • Therapeutic medications, as appropriate
    • Individual and group therapy
    • Medical management for coexisting illnesses such as heart disease, eating disorders and diabetes
    • 12-step meetings on site for patients with co-existing substance abuse disease
    • Assistance with reintegration into community, job and family life
    • Family therapy and support
    • Coordination of care with community mental health team and linkages to community based organizations and supports as appropriate

Electroconvulsive Therapy
One of the special services we offer is Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).  Safe and well-tolerated with the use of modern techniques, ECT helps some patients who have failed to benefit from other treatments. Our experienced staff operates the specialized equipment used for ECH treatments, and our team provides general anesthesia and post anesthesia recovery. Treatment is monitored by a multidisciplinary team of anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, and registered nurses.