We make the following assurances of privacy for visitors to our website:

  • The Marin General Hospital website is designed to provide useful information about our organization and to connect users with physicians, facilities, services, and employment opportunities
  • Our website does not promote or sell products of any kind
  • We hope that the information provided encourages the visitor to consider using Marin General Hospital for medical care, or to join our organization as an employee, volunteer or donor
  • We keep track of visits to our website via an automatic monitoring program that tells us, among other things, how many visits are made to the site; the time of day and date of those visits; and the areas visited. This information is used to evaluate the effectiveness of our site and the effectiveness of any promotion of our site. It helps us answer questions such as these: Are we providing information on our website that is useful? Which information is most useful? How have we made you aware that our website exists?
  • The monitoring program does not provide us with any personal information about a visitor. We cannot discern the name, address or any other personal information about visitors to our site. If we wish to gather such personal information, it will be requested via a form on the site that the user voluntarily completes and submits. The form will describe the way in which the information will be used.

Who Funds our Website?

The Marin General Hospital website is funded entirely by its operating income. Please visit the About Us section to learn more about our status as a nonprofit health care organization. We accept no outside funding for the creation or maintenance of our website, nor do we accept advertising income in exchange for promotion of any product or service via our website.

Who Oversees our Website?

The Marin General Hospital Community Relations Department manages the information on our website. Questions, concerns or suggestions can be directed to the Webmaster at Webmaster@maringeneral.org, and will be routed to the appropriate individual within the organization. You can also contact us via U.S. mail.