• What is the Marin General Hospital Patient Portal?
    A secure website where you can review components of your health information for services you receive at Marin General Hospital.
  • How do I access the portal?
    The portal is available on the homepage of the Marin General Hospitalwebsite or you can visit
  • What patient population can access the portal?
    At this time it is only accessible to patients 18 years and older. In the future, minors will also be included.
  • What health information is supplied on the portal?
  • Dates you received service
  • Lab and Radiology results
  • Medications
  • Vitals
  • Allergies
  • Family and Social History
  • Problem List/Conditions
  • Immunizations
  • When are my portal lab results updated? 
    Lab results will post the day after they have been finalized. Generally, most lab results are available within 24 hours. Preliminary lab results will not be accessible until final. If you need immediate delivery, call the Health Information Management Department at 1-415-925-7010 extension 24850.  
  • Who can see medical records in the portal?
    Only you, and those that you authorize, have access to your information within the portal. Marin General Hospitalstaff does not have access to your portal information.
  • Can I have someone check my records for me?
    Yes, you can have a trusted person check your records. Please see the Proxy section of the FAQ.
  • What should I do if I don’t understand my health information?
    If you have any questions, please contact your physician.
  • Can I contact my physician through the portal?
    Not at this time.
  • Can I request prescription refills through the portal?
    No – please contact your physician’s office for renewals/refills.
  • I am having difficulty registering or I forgot my password and locked my portal account. What do I do?
    Contact Relay Health Customer Support at one of the following: 1-866-735-2963 or
  • Do I need to use a specific internet browser?
    No – the patient portal will work on all updated browsers (Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). It will NOT work correctly on older browsers such as IE7 and earlier.
  • Can I use my Smartphone to view the portal?
    No – the portal data format will currently not allow documents to be viewed on a small screen like a Smartphone. You will need to use a personal computer or tablet.
  • Can I update my personal information on the portal?
    Yes – you can add/edit allergies, medications, family-social history and personal demographics. The personal information you add/edit within the portal is for your personal reference and does not update Marin General Hospital records. You will be asked to confirm and update your personal information during each service encounter at Marin General Hospital.
  • How do I obtain copies of my medical records that are not in the patient portal? You can request medical records through the Health Information Management Department. To download a copy of our Authorization to Release Protected Health Information, please visit our website:
  • Can I view my billing information or pay my bill on the portal?
    This is not currently available on the portal, but Marin General Hospital does have a separate online payment system available at:
  • What should I do if I believe my health information is incorrect?
    Every patient has the right to a complete and accurate medical record to ensure the best care possible. If you believe there could be an error or inaccuracy in your documentation you have the right to request an amendment to your medical record. Please contact the Health Information Management Department at 1-415-925-7010 x24850 and ask for Release of Information.
  • Will I get spam sent to my email?
    No – your e-mail address is for our patient contact only. It will not be disclosed to any third-parties.
  • What if I don’t have an e-mail account?
    You can get a free e-mail address from one of the many e-mail systems such as Google’s G-mail, Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail), Yahoo, etc. 
  • Can I use a shared e-mail address?
    We strongly encourage you not to use a shared email address for privacy reasons. Also, two people cannot use the same email to create separate portal accounts. An email can only be used one time in the system.
  • What if my e-mail address changes?
    If you change your e-mail address, you will need to notify us so we can update your patient records and update your e-mail address on the portal using the demographics update section. Your User ID will continue to be the original e-mail address used when you signed up for the portal access but messages will be sent to the new e-mail address.

Proxy Information

  • Can a legal guardian have access to the patient’s chart? Once you have provided the required legal documents to Marin General Hospital establishing their role as “Representative/Legal Guardian,” they can be set up as a representative to your portal account. Please visit the Health Information Department to formalize your proxy.
  • Can I give my spouse or adult child access to my patient portal? Yes, you may provide another party your User ID and password for access to your portal by designating them as a “Representative/Legal Guardian.”