Read healing stories from our patients about their various experiences at Marin General Hospital and their favorite healing places in Marin.

Healing Stories

Bruce BradenBruce Braden: Living Well With Diabetes
Entrepreneur. Teacher. Sports fan. Vietnam veteran. Patron of the Arts. Philanthropist. Outdoorsman.  Horror movie aficionado. Bruce Braden is all these things and more, but if there’s one thing that’s never defined him, it’s his type 1 diabetes.  Read more... ]


Bruce BradenScott Davis: Successfully Battling Melanoma With Immunotherapy
57-year-old Scott Davis grew up as an Air Force brat. His family moved around a lot, but it was during their time in Phoenix that Scott got the sunburns that would eventually catch up with him, decades later, in the form of an aggressive melanoma.  Read more... ]


Phoung Gallagher

Phoung Gallagher: Beating Cancer is a Team Effort 
2006 was a life-changing year for Phuong Gallagher. She married the love of her life, Ed Gallagher, a colleague and fellow data consultant at the same insurance brokerage. The couple skipped their honeymoon to move to Petaluma so they could be close to Ed’s young daughter, Taylor. They had barely gotten settled when Phuong was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer, at just 29 years of ageRead more... ]


PLiz Groepler

Liz Groepler: How the Braden Diabetes Center Changed Her Life
To say that 49-year-old Liz Groepler lives a full and busy life is an understatement. In addition to her 9 to 5 job in Human Relations, she has a sideline making clay prototypes for a Sausalito design company, designs decorative planters, helps her parents run the Homeward Bound ministry at their church, and cares for a friend who is struggling with breast cancer. Read more... ]


Camille Hale

Camille Hale: Baby Sienna Was a Special Delivery
Like most of us who call Marin home, Fairfax native Camille Hale loves nature. She grew up spending a lot of time at the Fairfax lakes with her family, a tradition she plans to pass on to her own kids. Pregnant with her first child, she often strolled around the lakes for exercise, enjoying the sunshine and serene landscape. Read more... ]


Rebecca Hermanski

Rebecca Hermanski: UCSF and Marin General Hospital Really Deliver for this High-Risk Pregnancy
When Rebecca Hermanski had her first child, Graham, at Marin General Hospital, it was a relatively easy, natural birth. However, as often happens during delivery, some of Graham's blood was naturally transferred to his mother. As it turns out, Graham had inherited a rare red blood cell protein called E Antigen, from Rebecca's husband Greg. Read more... ]


Adrian Hyman

Adrian Hyman: The Picture of Health After Serious Spine Surgery
Adrian Hyman is a man of many talents, but it is as a professional photographer that he found his true calling. Adrian was happily self-employed when he started experiencing some disconcerting symptoms: Chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, difficulty walking, slight incontinence, and tingling sensations in both his arms.  Read more... ]


Randy Ichihana

Randy Ichihana: A New Hip - Hurray!
When it comes to his pain threshold, Randy Ichihana is one tough guy. His injury tally began when he broke his right arm as a child. Then came a high school football injury that resulted in Randy having his meniscus surgically removed. Randy never let his orthopedic injuries slow him down, and he continued to play baseball, surf, ski, hike, bike, and golf throughout his adult life. Read more... ]


John Irvine

John Irvine: Revolutionary New Pacemaker Changed His Life
80 year-old John Irvine is proud to call himself a Bay Area native. Born in San Francisco, John attended City College of San Francisco, graduated from UC Berkeley, and has lived in Marin for more than 50 years – most recently, Novato. Read more... ]


Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones: Pedaling Back to Health After a Heart Attack
San Anselmo resident Adrian Jones is hardly the type of person you’d think was at risk for a heart attack. Slim and fit, he runs, skis, does yoga, and is an avid mountain biker.  Read more... ]


Judi Kirshbaum: Riding high after vascular surgery

Judi Kirshbaum: Riding High After Vascular Surgery
It was a glorious day, and Judi Kirshbaum and her husband decided to take a break from their bicycle ride to relax and take in the scenery. As she tried to dismount, Judi’s foot got caught in the pedal cage and she and her bike toppled to the ground. Read more... ]


Brittany Kurtz

Brittany Kurtz: Minimally invasive robotic surgery makes a major impact
If you ask Brittany Kurtz why she runs, hikes, paddle boards, and more, she’ll tell you it’s for sanity, not vanity; Exercise helps her stay centered and serene –not always easy for a mother of four!  Read more... ]


Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen: After the Brain Tumor: Back on his Bike
Trim and 6’3, 54-year old Rick Larsen is as athletic as he looks. He surfs, skis and hikes, but his daily workout is mountain biking on a trail he helped build at the Camp Camarancho Boy Scout Preserve in Fairfax.   Read more... ]


Doug McConnellDoug McConnell: Stroke of Good Luck
Father’s day of 2012 started out just like an ordinary day for television journalist Doug McConnell. That meant a walk on Corte Madera Ridge with his dogs. Later, he and his wife had plans for a low-key dinner with their two sons. Doug was getting ready to leave the house when he noticed the dogs’ barking sounded somehow “off.” Read more... ]


Hank Mielke

Hank Mielke: In the Nick of Time - A Lifesaving Robotic Prostatectomy
When bank executive Hank Mielke turned 60, that milestone birthday motivated him to take his fitness routine to the next level and spend more time at the gym. Hank was already exceptionally active and spent his spare time golfing, hunting, surfing, fishing – and his favorite activity of all, paddle boarding in Richardson Bay with the family yorkie on board!  Read more... ]

Jake Peterson

Jake Peterson: Extinguishing AFib - A Firefighter's Story
Fire Captain Jake Peterson, of San Rafael, was just twenty-nine years old the first time his heart went into atrial fibrillation. He was at a Giant’s game with a paramedic friend when he felt a fluttering in his chest. As Jake describes it, “It felt weird. I felt off. I felt like something wasn’t right.” Read more... ]


Mary Ann Smith

Mary Ann Smith: A Bad Fall Turns Out to Be a Lucky Break
Tripping on a crack in the sidewalk turned out to be a lifesaving experience for Mary Ann Smith – even if was rather painful! She broke a rib and was covered with bruises and bumps, including an especially large swelling under her breast, which she assumed was a clot from her fall. Read more... ]


John Ternullo

John Ternullo: a Beat Ahead of Disaster
John Ternullo had already received a steady stream of visitors to the cardiac unit at Marin General Hospital, where he was recovering from a massive heart attack. But when a pretty blonde woman strolled into his room with a big smile on her face, he didn’t recognize her. “I’m Sandy,” she said. Read more... ]