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Committed to the values and needs of our community, we offer exceptional expertise in an exceptionally healing environment. With advanced technology and treatments, integrative therapies and a dedication to treating the mind, body and spirit of all in our care.

Phuong Gallagher: Beating Cancer is a Team Effort
2006 was a life-changing year for Phuong Gallagher. She married the love of her life, Ed Gallagher, a colleague and fellow data consultant at the same insurance brokerage. The couple skipped their honeymoon to move to Petaluma so they could be close to Ed’s young daughter, Taylor. They had barely gotten settled when Phuong was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer, at just 29 years of age... [ Read Phuong's Story ]

Rebecca Hermanski - UCSF and Marin General Hospital Really Delivered for this High-Risk Birth
When Rebecca Hermanski had her first child, Graham, at Marin General Hospital, it was a relatively easy, natural birth. However, as often happens during delivery, some of Graham’s blood was naturally transferred to his mother. As it turns out, Graham had inherited a rare red blood cell protein called E Antigen, from Rebecca’s husband Greg... [ Read Rebecca's Story ]

Judi Kirshbaum - Riding High After Vascular Surgery
It was a glorious day, and Judi Kirshbaum and her husband decided to take a break from their bicycle ride to relax and take in the scenery. As she tried to dismount, Judi’s foot got caught in the pedal cage and she and her bike toppled to the ground. Her neck hit the handlebar, hard. Judi was stunned, bruised and sore, but no bones were broken so she dusted herself off and got back on her bike... [ Read Judi's Story ]

Randy Ichihana - New Hip, Hurray!
When it comes to his pain threshold, Randy Ichihana is one tough guy. His injury tally began when he broke his right arm as a child. Then came a high school football injury that resulted in Randy having his meniscus surgically removed. Randy never let his orthopedic injuries slow him down, and he continued to play baseball, surf, ski, hike, bike, and golf throughout his adult life... [ Read Randy's Story ]

Jake Peterson: Extinguishing AFib - A Firefighter's Story
Fire Captain Jake Peterson, of San Rafael, was just twenty-nine years old the first time his heart went into atrial fibrillation. He was at a Giant’s game with a paramedic friend when he felt a fluttering in his chest. As Jake describes it, “It felt weird. I felt off. I felt like something wasn’t right.” His friend thought it was most likely nothing, but they headed for the medical tent – just in case... [ Read Jake's Story ]