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Committed to the values and needs of our community, we offer exceptional expertise in an exceptionally healing environment. With advanced technology and treatments, integrative therapies and a dedication to treating the mind, body and soul of all in our care.
Phoung Gallagher

Phuong Gallagher: Beating Cancer is a Team Effort
2006 was a life-changing year for Phuong Gallagher. She married the love of her life, Ed Gallagher, a colleague and fellow data consultant at the same insurance brokerage. The couple skipped... [ Read Phuong's Story ]

Randy Ichihana

Randy Ichihana - New Hip, Hurray!
When it comes to his pain threshold, Randy Ichihana is one tough guy. His injury tally began when he broke his right arm as a child. Then came a high school football injury that resulted in Randy having his meniscus surgically removed... [ Read Randy's Story ]

Rick Larsen

Jake Peterson: Extinguishing AFib - A Firefighter's Story
Fire Captain Jake Peterson, of San Rafael, was just twenty-nine years old the first time his heart went into atrial fibrillation. He was at a Giant’s game with a paramedic friend when he felt a fluttering in his chest.... [ Read Jake's Story ]



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