Control: Your Labor, Your Baby, Your Way

As Marin’s only resource for labor and delivery services, we deliver a lot of babies – more than 60,000 since the hospital first opened its doors! Yet we never lose sight of the fact that each woman, birth experience, and baby is uniquely special. Marin General Hospital encourages you to download and fill out a Birth Preferences Plan. Our plan format lets you share your preferences on everything from pain management to the people you want – or don’t want – in the room. Barring any medical complications, we do all we can to honor your preferences. Of course, our first priority is the safety of both mom and baby.

Comfort: Tending to Your Needs During Labor and Delivery

We have everything in place to make labor and delivery go as smoothly as possible:

  • Single-patient birthing rooms with all the amenities, including a bed for a spouse or partner who wants to spend the night. You can labor and recover in the same room.
  • A flexible policy regarding who you want in the delivery room.
  • Staff anesthesiologists available to provide pain relief if you need or desire it.
  • An AquaEez® laboring tub, available on request, for women who want to labor in soothing warm water.
  • Skin-to-skin bonding immediately after delivery.
  • Breastfeeding support starting right after birth.
  • Your baby rooms with you for the duration of your hospital stay.

We also offer amenities for new moms, including:

  • Our BabyNook Store is stocked with cute baby clothes and toys, and with practical purchases new moms can’t do without, like breast pumps and nursing bras. We even provide fitting services to help you find the right nursing bra.
  • Our Lactation Center is a big part of the reason our breastfeeding initiation rates are currently at 99%! Our Board Certified Lactation Consultants are trained to help women ease into breastfeeding and parenting through education, counseling, and support.