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We are one of only 414 US hospitals and birth centers to hold Baby-Friendly status.

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Camille Hale

Learn how we helped carry out Camille Hale's birth plan for a special delivery.

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Caring for Babies in our NICU

Our NICU is expertly staffed and fully equipped to care for infants needing extra medical attention.

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When you’re expecting a baby, you should also expect the highest quality of care and the best possible birth experience. At our Baby-Friendly Family Birth Center, our goal is to offer every woman a safe, meaningful labor and delivery that meets both her healthcare needs and her individual, cultural, and philosophical preferences. We have the technology, services, and expertise you need right here in Marin, including UCSF experts to provide specialized care for high-risk pregnancies and premature or ill newborns. In keeping with our philosophy of treating the whole person -- body, mind, and spirit, we work hard to provide an exceptional experience that delivers:

  • Confidence that we are providing you and your baby the highest level of medical care. Learn more about our team of experts and our quality and safety standards.
  • Control of your birth experience so you can have your baby, your way. Use our Birth Preferences Plan to personalize your experience.
  • Comfort throughout labor and delivery, in a pleasant, nurturing atmosphere where all of your needs are met. Learn more about our amenities and other options.

Our Experts

Our childbirth team is the result of a thoughtful collaboration between the hospital and local OB/GYN providers. The primary objective was to make it easy for patients to choose the type of labor and delivery care they want, supported by around-the-clock services such as anesthesia, pediatrics, and perinatology...

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Personalized Experience

As Marin’s only resource for labor and delivery services, we deliver a lot of babies – more than 60,000 since the hospital first opened its doors! Yet we never lose sight of the fact that each woman, birth experience, and baby is uniquely special...

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Classes & Events

New babies bring a lot of changes, and not just the diaper kind! Our childbirth preparation classes can help parents and siblings get ready for the new arrival. In addition, these classes provide an opportunity to meet other new parents or parents-to be...

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