Music is a natural mood enhancer and has been used throughout history by healers and shamans in many cultures, including the ancient Greeks, modern Tibetans, and Native Americans. Music can promote emotional and physical healing and enhance quality of life. Not surprisingly, music therapy has been shown to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression, improve mood, induce sleep, counteract fear, and alleviate the physiological discomforts of illness.

Our talented and specially trained healing harpists play in the infusion room of Marin Cancer Institute at 1350 South Eliseo Drive, in common areas of our hospital, as well as in individual patient rooms, where the music can be tailored to the patient’s personal preferences. To arrange for a music therapy visit, patients should talk to their nurse, or call for more information.

Meet our Practitioner

Barbara Rose Billings, Ph.D. “Wellness and Joy” for Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit is the message on the cover of Barbara Rose’s brochure. She is dedicated to assisting her clients unleash their innate healing power. Her intention is to guide people to experience a profound peace, harmony, and a sense of well-being and joy. She has always been drawn to the healing power of music, and of the harp in particular. In 2000 she began studying the pedal harp with the intention of playing it in a hospital setting. Barbara Rose is now a Hospital- Certified Harp Therapist and a Certified Master Harp therapist through Bedside Harp in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. She did her first internship at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, New Jersey. Since the start of her second internship at Marin General Hospital in 2005, she has been playing her portable “Healing Harp” for patients, for visitors, and for the staff of our hospital. Gentle and supportive melodies are heard in the halls, elevators, waiting rooms, recovery rooms, Emergency Room, Unit A and patients’ rooms, spreading the healing harp music to all who are present.