1:1 Mindfulness & Guided Relaxation Sessions

Mindfulness and guided relaxation are important tools for experiencing the mind-body connection. This one hour, one-on-one session will help you build skills to manage stress and explore ways to deal with physical pain, emotions, and side effects of medical treatment. During this session, you will:

• Experience conscious awareness using your breath to relax
• Form mental images of relaxing places and situations using guided relaxation
• Explore acceptance of living in the present with life as it is without judgment
• Enhance your capacity to cope with life’s challenges on a moment to moment basis

How can it benefit me?

Mindfulness meditation and guided relaxation are powerful tools that help manage stress, find inner peace, and improve mental function. In addition, they help cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and empathy. Regular practice can improve both mental and physical health.

How does it work?

In each session, you will learn and practice skills to calm the body and mind through guided relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.  Each session will focus on a specific area of health and wellness, such as strengthening the immune system, cardiac health, stress reduction, pain management, restful sleep, and deep relaxation. 

Listen to a Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Relaxation Clip!

Guided relaxation is a powerful tool that helps manage stress, find inner peace, and improve mental function. It can also cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and empathy. We’re delighted to be able to share a clip from one of our Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Relaxation sessions. Click here to play the file or right click to download and save the file (.mp3 format).

Meet our Practitioner

Corliss Chan has been inspiring people to actively participate in their own healing and wellness for over 25 years. An engaged and compassionate listener, she has helped patients cope with life and health issues, including: cancer, Lyme disease, heart health, diabetes, joint pain, anxiety and depression. Today, she leads our Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupressure, Meditation and Guided Relaxation sessions.

Our Outpatient Guided Relaxation Services include:

Patient Feedback

Some of our grateful patients have taken the time to provide feedback about their experience at our Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Relation course. It's our pleasure to serve the residents of Marin County - and we hope you experience similar results as some of the below patients have.

"This offering by the Center for Integrative Health & Wellness is an essential class for individuals or families on a fixed income. I am a long time (40 year) resident of Marin County and have not found a meditation class offered within my means. The science behind meditation speaks volumes on its value in Health and Wellbeing. I am grateful to have found this class. It is well organized. The presenter is well situated for leading the class. The facility is safe, quiet even the temperature is ideal for relaxation."

"I suffer from fibromyalgia, tremors & neuropathy. Having a place to come to, to experience deep realxation is a true treasure!"

"This class has been extremely helpful to my health challenges. It has taught me to breathe and follow my breath. I am now able to, on a daily basis, practice meditation peacefully at home and in stressful situations. This class has truly saved my life and given me a place to go, relax and center myself especially when I am in stressful situations."

"The Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Relaxation class is a wonderful gift to the community. It helps people get through difficult times in their lives through restorative relaxation techniques. Corliss Chan is an excellent teacher!"

"Corliss is an amazing facilitator. her voice and demeanor create a calming, safe space allowing participants to fully relax. Thank you to everyone who makes this class possible. It has given me the tools to live a more peaceful life and has dramatically reduced my anxiety level. I am so deeply grateful."

"The class gave me solace to just sit down and contemplate my way of living and to try and improve my time left in this world. I wish I could take this class every day!"

"Corliss has the perfect voice and personal style to lead a group meditation. Our 50 minutes of quiet meditation is the perfect way to start the week. This is a godsend to anyone undergoing radiation treatment. Thank you for offering it"

"Corliss' meditation session definately helps my ailing heart to relax. The effects of this meditation session stays with me throughout the day"