Long before integrative medicine became a trend in the healthcare field, Marin General Hospital was already practicing it. Integrative medicine focuses on treating the whole patient -- body, mind, and spirit. This, of course, is core to our hospital’s philosophy of patient-centric care.

Back in 1995, Marin General Hospital oncologist Dr. David Gullion was inspired to create an Integrative Oncology Program that would support cancer patients along their healing and wellness journey. Some offerings, such as massage or acupuncture, would help patients relax and manage pain and discomfort. Services like guided imaging or meditation would make them feel more centered and serene. Yoga would help patients maintain fitness and flexibility, while nutritional counseling made it easier for patients to adapt to chemo-related taste changes.

Fifteen years later, what began as a support program for cancer patients has become the Center for Integrative Health & Wellness (CIHW) at Marin General Hospital. Dr. Gullion, who has since retired, served as the Center’s very first Medical Director. Dr. Kristin Anderson has recently stepped into this role to continue to see through Dr. Gullion’s original vision.

CIHW has expanded its base beyond cancer, to other hospital patients and community members to optimize their health and wellbeing. The Center’s focus is four-fold:

A variety of innovative new programs are constantly being offered. Click here for more information.