Marin General Hospital has counted on its volunteers since 1950. Before the hospital was even built, a group of local ladies started raising money for the new hospital. Since then, thousands of community members have donated their time and energy to our community hospital, giving the hospital over 3 million combined hours of service.

Today, our volunteer workforce boasts more than 250 women, men, and teens, ranging in age from 16 to over 90. They are high school and college students, retirees and employed professionals, from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Teen volunteers often want to explore careers in health care. Working men and women volunteer as a way to be involved in their community. Retirees like to stay active and engaged, and add depth and experience to our caregiving team. No matter what you do, or where you are in life, you can find a way to help your local hospital. And chances are, you’ll make new friends along the way!

Volunteering at Marin General Hospital is a terrific way to express your appreciation for our community. You can make a difference behind the scenes or work directly with patients. If you’re a people person, you might gravitate towards our volunteer-run Gift Shop and BabyNook stores. All proceeds go to patient care and health education scholarships for staff and volunteers. Check out our complete volunteer service areas list for opportunities that fit your skill sets and personality.

Fundraising Branches

Of the over 250 active and sustaining Marin General Hospital volunteers, 85 are members of our fundraising branches. The purpose of the fundraising branches is to raise funds and promote good relations between the community and the hospital. Together the volunteers have raised over $5 million, since 1950, to support patient care and scholarships.

Becoming a Volunteer 

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to e-mail Regina Thomas, Manager of Volunteer Services. Following the preliminary review, the following  requirements must be completed: 

  • Health clearance – Quantiferon (QFT) test and proof of immunity to chicken pox, rubella, rubeola, and mumps
  • Completion of Hospital Orientation Packet
  • Final interview, photo for ID badge, and uniform fitting
  • Placement, scheduling, and in-service training

Please note: We require a minimum commitment of 100 hours of volunteer service to Marin General Hospital, and you must be at least 16 years of age to apply.