The Marin General Hospital Foundation is responsible for generating awareness and raising funds for programs, services, and new technologies. Since its establishment in 1961, the hospital has greatly benefited from the extraordinary generosity of our community. Time after time, our donors have helped us bring these upgrades and enhancements to the people we serve.

Recent improvements funded through donations to the foundation include:

(Listen to Bob Loback share his story about his life-saving experience at Marin General Hospital)

Another important function of the Marin General Hospital Foundation is to seek out grants. Recently, we secured a grant from the Moore Foundation to establish two cutting-edge programs designed to enhance patient safety and reduce re-admissions:

  • Project RED is a patient-centered process that educates patients about their diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare throughout and immediately after their hospital stay. This process has been proven to make both the hospital stay and the discharge process smoother and simpler for our patients and our staff.
  • Collaborative for Older Adult Safe Transitions (COAST) is a program that helps ensure safer care transitions for seniors.

By including Marin General Hospital Foundation among your charitable priorities, your support ensures the hospital’s ability to continue providing the very best care in the community we serve. You can designate your gift for a particular purpose or service line. Or, you can simply make a donation and let us direct it where it is needed most. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Marin General Hospital Foundation is to inspire philanthropy for the benefit of Marin General Hospital.