Classes & Events

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Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Relaxation

Mindfulness meditation and guided relaxation are powerful tools that help manage stress, find inner peace, and improve mental function. In addition, they help build self-control, compassion, and empathy. Regular practice can improve both mental and physical health.

Weekly Yuan Gong Tai Chi Classes

Yuan Gong Tai Chi uses visualization, breathing, and body movements to calm and balance the body and mind.

Fitness for Blood Sugar Management

Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy integrates art, movement, guided imagery, writing, reflection, and meditation to support your personal journey.

Complimentary Qigong Classes

Qigong is a form of gentle movement and still meditation that uses breath and the mind to work with energy in the body - this class is open to Marin General Hospital patients and caregivers!

Meet the Prima Midwives of Marin

You're Invited - Your Birth. Your Choice. Your Way!

Moms-to-be planning to deliver their babies at Marin General Hospital can take advantage of the hospital's and Prima Medical Group's Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) for prenatal, labor and delivery, and postnatal care.