In the beginning, there was a patient and a doctor. The patient was Marin entrepreneur Bruce Braden, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 38. The doctor was the endocrinologist Mr. Braden turned to for his care, Linda Gaudiani MD, medical director and co-founder of the Braden Diabetes Center. The first thing Dr. Gaudiani prescribed – after insulin, of course – was disease management training.

Because Marin lacked a robust diabetes management program at the time, Mr. Braden had to go into the city for a week of classes. With Dr. Gaudiani’s encouragement, he altered his lifestyle, including his diet, exercise schedule, and perspective on healthy living. But in the following two decades, he saw several of his friends develop type 2 diabetes. Some were able to manage their blood sugar effectively over time,  but several developed serious complications. Having achieved great success in business, Mr. Braden came up with a very personal way to give back: he wanted to make a difference for people with diabetes.

Mr. Braden’s own experience convinced him of the importance of education and self-management skills for patients with diabetes. He yearned to bring the kind of hands-on guidance he had benefited from to the people of Marin. Dr. Gaudiani was the ideal partner to help Mr. Braden get this done.  In addition to being his long-term endocrinologist, she was the director of Marin General Hospital’s diabetes and hypoglycemia management program. Together, Dr. Gaudiani and Mr. Braden developed the concept for the outpatient Braden Diabetes Center. Their vision was to establish a comprehensive community resource to provide care, support, education, and consultation to help people travel well through life with diabetes.

Thanks to Dr. Gaudiani’s leadership and a generous donation from Mr. Braden, Marin General Hospital was able to make the Braden Diabetes Center a reality. In late 2013, the center opened its doors, and the days of crossing the bridge for leading-edge diabetes care and education came to an end. Approved by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education, the Braden Diabetes Center offers a comprehensive educational program that includes preventive strategies and self-management. Education and training are offered in both one-on-one and group settings. The Braden Diabetes Center also serves as a bridge clinic to help patients being discharged from the hospital manage their diabetes until their next appointment with their primary care provider. Click here to listen to Linda Gaudiani, MD, explain how the Braden Diabetes Center helps make life with diabetes a full and satisfying journey.

Expanding the Program

The Braden Diabetes Center was founded based on a need for comprehensive diabetes care. Today, our leadership continues to monitor community needs in order to create new programs and services such as these: